Accelerated Modular Concepts Inc. has worked hard to remove the misconceptions of modular buildings as being cheap or shoddy construction. In fact, the modular buildings are built to a much higher standard than the conventional stick framed building. Many people confuse modular construction with temporary on-site construction trailers. Modular buildings have evolved into much more than that. Modular buildings can be, and, in many cases, are customized permanent buildings that can be built in record time with significant cost savings to you.

 Since they can be permanent structures, the modular offices/buildings can be leased or sold. The cost for these modular commercial buildings is generally lower than their traditionally built counterparts. Also, the cost is dependent on what features one would include in the modular commercial space such as restrooms, cafeterias, locker rooms, elevators, etc. When one buys a modular commercial building they can customize it to fit their space plan needs.

 Our buildings can be constructed in many different ways, besides being able to have fully customized interiors and exteriors. You also have the ability to have as many as four stories - depending on your site setbacks and area for site improvement. You can also choose from a wide selection of materials such as stucco exterior, stack stone, exposed bricks, metal sidings, and much more. The interior can be finished with a smooth or textured finish and painted with various accents. Whatever it is you can think of, we can build it. These concepts will allow your buildings to blend into their surroundings, and we can match the existing exterior of any building. This is how Accelerated Modular Concepts Inc. helps to dispel the wrong concept of modular buildings.

"Imagine what  Accelerated Modular Concepts Inc.  can do for you."

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